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Hello, my name is Matteo Barolo

I am a Graphic Designer & Art Director. I live between Genova and Monza and I deal with corporate identity, ATL, BTL, Packaging and Web Design.


I love the simple and linear shapes, clean lines and white.

At the age of six drawing the family brand on the wall of our living room I realized that I would have become more like in this world and that it would become my job.I graduated at the NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan – in Graphic Design and Art Direction. They have been years of sweat and sacrifice that lead to results expected. Set aside books, theories and studies I leave for an experience abroad that will be determined in my life. I lived in Prague where I worked as a Graphic Designer working at the communication of the Prague Marathon 2011. Back in Italy I worked as Art Director in an agency in Milan. At the moment I manage my freelance activity with a Senior Graphic Designer job
at a large company in Northern Italy.


I am determined and have enough ambition, humble, curious and love to learn more and more. I am very respectful, polite, punctual and precise. I have the capability and I am used to group work in both phases of design and in the executive, respecting the time limit, cost, materials and the exploitation of other people’s ideas.
PS:Barolo wine 85 is a very good year!


After Effects
Premiere Pro
Mad Mapper

Brand Design

Web Design

Digital Design

Graphic Design